300 words on personal style

All of the coolest, best, most knowledgable fashion people out there seem to agree on one thing, that having a strong sense of your personal style is a major key (DJ Kahled voice) in finding success in fashion. I have taken this thought into a lot of consideration and spent countless hours and days reworking what I think my style is, trying to decide what is "me", and ultimately make a fashion formula for myself. This Summer I have been on yet another style quest to answer that looming question of "How would you describe your style?"  when i came to a conclusion. That conclusion is that I am sick of this pressure to pigeon hole your closet into one sect, genre, or label. I am sick of this constant urge to play the clothes I wear in a sense of such seriousness.

I found at the end of these never ceasing excursions to find my style that I lost what the best part about clothes is, that they can allow you to be whoever you want to be, say whatever you want them to say and that they are FUN and limitless. I had turned my hobby into an obligation on this search for clothing stability. 

I have decided to forget the labels, forget the requirement to find this so called "genuine style" that all of us feel so much pressure to secure,  because there is nothing genuine about filling a mild each day. Style to me should express your thoughts and feelings of the day not fulfill the expectation of an industry. It should express how you feel that day, what you want to communicate to the world and act as your Segway to tell a story or create an image. So let's stop limiting our creativity, expression and  most importantly ourselves and open the doors to even greater things. I say let your closet now be your dress up trunk, and I say dare to be biker babe one day, gypsy princess the next, and Parisian chic the day after that, because well who is to say you can't and who is to say fashion shouldn't be fun.