Dripping in denim

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be wearing a denim on denim outfit at some point in my life, I probably would have gone in to cardiac arrest right there on the spot. Fast forward to July Summer 16’ and I am in full denim clad and alive and well, the power of fashion ladies and gentlemen. Denim dripping ensembles are making a major comeback from their 2001 red carpet days delivered by the one and only Britney and Justin (never forget). This season you will see black, white, and blue denim as far as the washes go, and anything from shirts and dresses to jackets and skirts (even shoes in my case) in stores. Embroidery on jackets and shorts are on trend as well and I am super into it. Stay tuned within the next month for some denim DIY’s including an embroidered denim jacket that you won’t have you ask your grandma to help you make

Denim shorts are a pretty obvious one and for good reason. They are comfortable and versatile. My favorite versions are black, which offer a cooler alternative to ordinary blue cut-off's. I threw on a plain white t to anchor all the denim craziness that's going on and wore a cute black bralette because who likes real bras anyways and this one has black straps that peek out with a v-neck. The shoes I am wearing here are what inspired me to put together this look. I bought these color blocked slip ons at gap on a whim about a year ago and I pulled them out for the second time ever a few days ago. I threw on these cool cat eye sunglasses from forever 21 to finish things off.