Free Label


Welcome to the first of a new type of post I'm introducing to Clothropology! Throughout my effort to focus on bringing more ethical fashion to my blog, I have found just how challenging it can be to find ethical brands that fit into my style, my budget, and just finding a truly ethical brand in general, so I want to start roughly, monthly posts highlighting brands that are kicking butt with this whole sustainability thing. I came across Free Label on Instagram (where else??) and fell in love with this small basics brand. 

Free Label is a Canada based company, manufacturing their garments in both Toronto and Vancouver as an effort to cut down on gas emissions from shipping (heck yes!). Their pieces are made from sustainable and SUPER soft fibers including bamboo, organic cotton and wood pulp. No itchy hippie fabrics here people. I cannot be alone in loving the feeling of putting on a baby soft t-shirt, and let me tell you, knowing it's good for good ole Mother Earth is just icing on that already delicious cake. Free Label's tremendous focus on not only ethical conditions for their workers but the environment as well is something I fell in love with about this brand. It's so easy to know that human beings deserve respect and fair treatment, but I find that companies aren't as compelled to make sure that their practices are offering the same respect to the planet. Free label produces in small batches to lessen waste, and in the packaging department they are ROCKSTARS. Get this, their packaging is able to be recycled, reused, MADE from recycled and renewable materials and is biodegradable. Free Label has completely killing the game in eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing if you ask me. 

It's amazing all that Free Label does to make sure their brand is ethical in so many ways, but I am a firm believer in the notion that fashion should be ethical, practical AND beautiful. I would guess that Free Label is on board with this statement as well after seeing these tops. Their pieces are relatively basic but show a careful attention to small details to elevate them into things you always want to pull out of your closet and wear. Whether it's a lengthened, curved hem or a perfectly placed cut out, it's apparent that Free Label has put the effort into making their small collection of pieces pure perfection. 

In the top photos I am modeling their Grey Johnny Tee  in a size XS with some high waisted Levi's, basic black flats, a floppy hat and threw on a bandana as well. In the bottom three photos I have on the same jeans paired with their Black Charlie Muscle Tee in size XS and some sneakers. I love that their pieces are so versatile. They can be styled into a cute outfit for lunch or shopping like I have with the grey top, but also can work into a more sporty outfit like the one below. You could even go more athleisure with it and pair any of their tops with a pair of their leggings like the Taylor Cutout Tight

All in all Free Label hits the nail on the head for all all the things that a sustainable brand should be, fair labor, eco-conscious, and versatile, and I am so happy I could share them with you guys!

Special thank you to Free Label to sponsoring this post and allowing me to share my own honest opinions with you all about their brand! I cannot wait to see how they expand and grow in the future. 

emma osborn