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All Summer I have been on the hunt for the perfect mid-height nude heel, and leave it to Italy to answer my prayers. These shoes are the perfect heel for the girl who can't walk in heels. If me and my sub-par coordination skills can navigate uneven brick streets in these bad boys anyone can. These suede, lace up block-heels are from an Italian brand I found here in Florence, Bata. They have been through nights out, dinners as well as walking around all day with no pain or stains (perfect for those of you like me who completely trash their shoes). The tie detail is simple but still fun. 

IMG_0195 2.JPG
IMG_0194 2.JPG

I paired them in this outfit with a simple white blouse and my favorite Urban Outfitters BDG jeans. I topped the look off with my new favorite purse from Mango. This super simple combo was the perfect backdrop for such a statement bag. As a final touch I added a gold bracelet from Madewell. Unfortunately, Bata does not ship to the United States, so I've linked a few substitutes below. If you are in Italy and can find your way to  Bata store or can order online, I 10/10 stars would recommend to a friend these awesome sandals. 

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