Lace Cami


This past week Ohio got to experience Spring for about six seconds before we got another dump of snow. None the less I took advantage of the few warm moments, and broke out a few of my newest thrift-store finds. On my last couple trips to Goodwill and the Salvation Army I scored this vintage-y western style belt as well as this maroon satin and lace cami. Both western belts and silk cami's are staples in my closet year-round so as you can imagine i had been itching to break these bad boys in as soon as I picked them up. 

I paired them with my favorite denim skirt from Urban Outfitters (that I still wear multiple times a week despite the giant rip on one side, it's that great, plus the rip adds character... right?), tons of fun boho rings, simple brown booties, a wide brim hat, and finally a chunky sweater (it may have warmed up, but lets not get crazy it's still Ohio and pretty chilly). 



Although I thrifted two of the main parts of this outfit, I am almost certain anyone could go find similar items at their local thrift store. Just about every time I stop in to look around there is at least one of this style belt and a handful of lace camis. With a trip or two to the thrift store I'm sure you could come across one that works for you (at a fraction of the price you would pay to buy similar styles in a store). 


I may have to wait another month to break out the spring clothes again, but this was a nice break in the middle of Ohio's never-ending frigidness. What are your favorite things you can't wait to wear once spring comes along??