Hey guys, long time no talk. Before anything else I would like to apologize for my nearly month long hiatus/post drought/total disappearance from the blogosphere. Somewhere between moving back to school and the whirlwind that is sorority recruitment season, blogging had to take the back burner. With that being said, it is not only back to school and sorority recruitment season but it is officially Fall. Thats right people break out the boots, cute scarves and feel free to Instagram your first PSL of the season (we won't judge you this one time). Unfortunately here in the beautiful Northeast Ohio, it is still 87 degrees on the first day of Fall. This makes it a little hard to fully divulge in the best parts of Fall, which is of course the fashion. Because of that, today I want to show you guys one of my favorite transition looks featuring my newest purchase. 

This simple clutch from Madewell (let's be real where else would I have shopped??)  is great year-round, but I especially love the colors and textures for Fall. On one side it has a super cool spotted calf hair and on the other a simple cognac color leather. What else could you ask for? The answer is nothing. It fits everything you need to run out the door to lunch with friends, shopping or simply errands. It even has a little built-in wallet inside with card slots so you don't have to let your cards and cash be loose in the pouch. 

A slouchy tee and my favorite ripped skinnies that you are probably sick of seeing in looks were a no brainer. I added these cut- out booties from a local boutique in Indy to give it more of a fall feel, but with the cut outs your feet won't die of heat.