Fall Thrifts

I am convinced that thrift stores are the singular best place to shop. They are easy on the wallet for starters, and I think we can all appreciate that. Additionally They have some type of them in just about every town or city you could think of, although I will say bigger cities always have some better options than the typical salvation army and goodwill but none the less some of my best finds have come from Goodwill so don't knock it. Lastly thrift stores rock because you will most likely find something nobody else that you know has, a truly one of a kind piece. 

Thrift stores are especially amazing, now with the current trends. They have everyone's throw aways that they thought would never come back in style, but they were oh so wrong. One of my favorite trends that I have seen popping up everywhere are these striped micro rib tops that everyone seemed to stop thinking were cool in the 90's. To me it screams "Jennifer Aniston in Friends" and come on who doesn't want to be Jennifer Aniston?? (Does she even age? Who knows.) They really don't lie when they say that fashion constantly repeats itself; tops like this can be found everywhere from Urban Outfitters and Topshop to H&M and Forever 21., but I prefer the $4 pre-loved version. 

These thinner knits are perfect for the warmer Fall days that are so annoyingly a part of living in the Midwest. While a 70 degree day in mid-October will always peeve me getting a super on-trend western-inspired belt for $3 at my local thrift store will not. I paired my two thrifted finds with a corduroy skirt from Free People and faux suede peep-toe booties from the ever amazing Target. 

Keeping up with trends like this top and belt can be exhausting and expensive as they are constantly and quickly changing. Thrifting offers a more sustainable way to get the same looks while avoiding fast fashion companies like Forever 21 and H&M. I hope you get out there and rifle through some people's hand me downs soon and come out with something awesome!

emma osborn