6 Sustainable Influencers You Should Follow

Upon entering the world of blogging, youtube-ing, Instagram-ing and basically any way people have found to use the internet to share their lifestyles, I quickly was likened to the term "influencer". It is no secret that the impact of these influencers actually have gigantic effects on the products that consumers buy in this day and age. Companies and brands each year are upping budgets for their influencer outreach and placing large focus on ways to utilize social media as a means of advertising, and with all the attention and impact that people as influencers have the need for genuine and thoughtful endorsements is so incredibly high. 

As I began to delve in to the sustainable fashion world, it became more and more clear to me how largely a part influencers are in the culture that has been made of our consumer population. This culture of fast, and always needing the newest and best is partly nothing new to the fashion world, but today's society has taken it to an all time high. I have seen people online apologize to their audience for wearing an article of clothing twice, endorse brands with zero authenticity, and glamorize gigantic wardrobes and makeup stockpiles. Not only are these practices misleading and unethical, they are the epitome of the glamorization of wasteful and thoughtless lifestyles. Realizing the effects that what these bloggers and other lifestyle influencers have on the greater picture has turned me away from so many that I used to follow nearly religiously, but it has also helped me to find so many that are doing the exact opposite. The 6 influencers I'm sharing in this post are dedicated to not only a sustainable apparel industry but lifestyle as well in the most genuine way. 


The Good Wear

The Good Wear is a blog dedicated to sustainable and ethical clothing with a touch of creativity. This blog not only includes bits of travel, documentaries, and books that pertain to sustainability, but also highlights ethical brands as well. One of my favorite parts of The Good Wear is the 10x10 challenge she is currently posting about. Go visit her site to read more about what the 10x10 challenge is; challenges like this one are fun and interesting ways to work your wardrobe into being more sustainable. The Good Wear shows that sustainable fashion doesn't have to be stark and minimal like majority of the sustainable clothing you see and offers a down to Earth approach to making steps towards a more responsible closet. 

Instagram: @thegoodwearblog

Dearly Bethany is a youtube channel that I stumbled across in the earliest days of really learning about sustainable fashion. Bethany is a super sweet girl who's focus is on sustainable, ethical and minimal clothing as well as truly finding her personal style for the sake of being a more thoughtful consumer. She is partaking in a style challenge as well where she photographs her outfit everyday for a full year and posts it to her Instagram to get an overlook at her true style and what she really wears regularly. She also always has the best book recommendations that she pairs with each outfit and its freakin adorable.  

Instagram: @dearlybethany

The Garment Life is an Instagram account as well as online pop-up shop dedicated to connecting consumers with sustainable brands. The way they do this is through a project they call "The 1000 Garment Goal". This goal is to, through introducing these sustainable brands through their pop-up shop sell 1000 sustainable garments out into the apparel world. An added bonus is every brand they work with and sell on their pop-up offers a 10% discount, they post videos on their Instagram story of real life women wearing the garments in the pop-up to give you a sizing indication, and lastly they thrown in a few children's brands for all the mama's out there! 

Instagram: @thegarmentlife

This Instagram account is run by a woman named Cassidy based in San Fransisco, and is an account about all around sustainable living. From food and beauty to home decor and clothing life_simplified has so many tips and brands pertaining to sustainability to offer, including the one she cofounded called Wakened Apparel . Not to mention the photography on her account is absolutely stunning! Her shop offers everything from womens' and mens' apparel to childrens' apparel and blankets.

Instagram: @life_simplified

The Green Hub is a well established blog about ethical and environmentally responsible living. They offer articles about tips on creating better, more responsible consumptions habits as well as introduces readers to a variety of fashion, beauty, and home wears brands. Their site even has a tab called brand directory for quick access to sustainable brands organized by category. One of the features I love about The Green Hub is the section of their blog that tells the stories of how certain sustainable brands became the brands they are today; great reads for consumers wanting to be well informed and entrepreneurs alike. 

Instagram: @thegreenhub_

My Green Closet is another great youtube channel focused on sustainable fashion and more specifically capsule wardrobes. My Green Closet is full of different closet challenges designed to help you whittle down your closet to the items you truly love and wear AND work together cohesively. Verena, who creates the content is extremely knowledgable about sustainability and capsule wardrobing and can provide you with tried and true tips on sustainability, minimalism and thoughtful living. 

Instagram:  @verenaerin