20 Durring My 20's

Turtleneck: Thrifted | Skirt: Urban Oufitters | Belt: Thrifted | Boots: Target

It seems that every birthday, without fail, I am routinely asked "Well do you feel older???", and nearly every time I answer "No" with my signature eye roll. Ironically, my 20th birthday did not include someone "cleverly" asking me that very same question, and for once I truthfully did feel different. Maybe it is the end of my teenage years, the hype that is rooted in entering my twenties or something in the universe shifting as I enter a new decade of my life, but twenty for once DID feel different. I think when you enter your twenties you enter a time where the choices you make have the ability to shape the rest of your life in gigantic ways. Our twenties are constantly communicated to us as our years to be selfish, take chances, grow and create the beginnings of a life that we love. With the next ten years ahead of me full of possibility and endless opportunity these are the goals big and small I hope to accomplish. 

  1. Focus more on the importance of meaningful relationships with people
  2. Graduate from college 
  3. Become more patient 
  4. Push my creatvity 
  5. Take a solo trip somewhere
  6. Visit, maybe even move to Nashville
  7. Learn, Learn, Learn
  8. Write more.
  9. Read more.
  10. Love my least favorite parts about myself 
  11. Completely stop shopping fast fashion brands
  12. Work endlessly at my passions
  13. Be more loving and accepting each day
  14. Immerse myself in the creativity community of whatever city I find myself living
  15. Work on fully enjoying moments as they happen
  16. Work harder at everything
  17. Improve my photography skills
  18. Live less out of habit and more out of intention 
  19. Be a better sister, friend, daughter, person. 
  20. Work towards living with less and a more minimalist lifestyle 
emma osborn