October 17': Simplicity

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So October was scary, spooky if you will. No, I'm not talking about witches and ghosts, but addressing-your-messy-life scary (YIKES, I know). Throughout the past two and a half months that I've been living in Italy and traveling around Europe. These experiences have brought me immense amounts of change as well as some good ole growing up that tends to come more quickly than most college students would like. With growth, change, and shifts in life happening, October needed to be a time of regrouping for me. I needed a period of time to sit down, evaluate what had been happening and essentially get my s*** together. For me, this took the form of simplifying. As my traveling has slowed down recently, I've used the extra free time to look at the areas of my life I've grown in and get rid of the old ways. The truth about personal growth is although experiences and lessons learned can grow you as a person, it takes tossing out the old ways, memories, ideas and thoughts to let the new ones truly shine and work their magic. On the other side of things, with so many new things coming into your life in a season of growth and change, it can be easy to lose sight of who you are a bit as you are flooded with new ideas to take for a spin. This process of simplifying also came to me in the form of taking the time to get back to what was simply me. I am talking about the me that I was before I came and had stayed intact deep down throughout the time spent growing but that was a little lost among all the new and different. These regrouping moments are bitter sweet for me, they are tiring, sometimes confusing, at moments take some uncomfortable honesty with myself, but they are also honest, refreshing and almost always desperately needed (not to mention when all the heavy mental lifting is done you feel like a brand new woman and THAT feeling rocks).

A month of deliberate slowing down and editing was exactly what I, and a lot of us need sometimes through out this process of making our life into what it's meant to be. October was a month of filling journal page upon journal page to organize my thoughts, new future goals, and habits I wished to pick up, tons of phone calls with my mom, and many late nights spent staying up just thinking, planning and (mostly) panicking. Your first time traveling to a new country does a good job of flipping your world upside down. In my case it made me research how to move to London for about a week until I learned a visa is nearly impossible to obtain (unless you are a science genius, so like I said, not happening for this gal). Living in another country and spending every other weekend somewhere new on the other hand, will flip your world around then chop it up in a million pieces. When it comes to myself, and I think this is common with most people, I find that where I'm traveling to always causes a certain shift in my personality. I begin dressing, eating, acting and thinking a little differently as I spend time in each new city. Once I come back to home base in Florence the changes slowly fade away as I snap back into reality, but the best souvenirs I have from my trips are those slight changes that stick around, and become the thoughts I have to sort through. Putting yourself into new environments can be scary and confusing not only at the time, but when you come home and you have to process all that you've learned (and that's the part they forget to tell you). So if you've been enduring a period of growth make sure you take the time to reflect and refine. You can thank me later ;) 

Hope you all had a wonderful October, how ever you spent it. Thanks for stopping by and checking in on my life, I want to hear about yours! Comment below about your month!

PS The research has now shifted to "How to move to Copenhagen" I will keep you posted. 

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