June 17': Kind

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Hi beautiful people!!! First I want to say I hope your June has been kick freakin ass, I know mine has been. This month has been filled with working and working and more working; whether it's on blog matters, preparing for my semester abroad that is quickly approaching or just on myself and how I live life. Getting back into feeling busy after a relatively relaxing and slow May has been refreshing and rewarding. This month I named the mood board kindness and you may be wondering what in the world kindness has to do with a month that has been filled with work for me, and here's my answer to that. I think that so many of us will get into a groove of really working hard at our goals and will sometimes be disappointed with the results. Things often seem to be less that what we desire, or accompanied by a whole new set of obstacles that can make progress feel like running in place as we pile on more things to overcome just as we are crossing others off our list. This month I have found that a big reason I (and I think many other people) feel like this is that they forget one important ingredient: kindness, not only towards those around you but to yourself as well. For me, this means centering the things I do and say around love. Treating others with kindness and love is a no-brainer and is what comes to mind when I first think "kindness", but you have to take it further than that. The foods  I eat should be ones that will love and nourish by body, the things I do in my free time should be ones that love and make my soul happy and the words I let run through my head and out my mouth should be ones of gratitude and you guessed it LOVE!!! Having this focus this month has helped me to have a more positive and grateful mindset, which has resulted in seeing the progress I have made instead of the work that has still lies ahead, along with helping in so many other ares of life. Eating better and loving my body by making sure to work up s sweat everyday has given me more energy and just plain made me feel better than ever. Extending kindness to strangers or acquaintances has brought new and closer friendships into my life. Lastly, having this "give more love" attitude has proven the old Law of Attraction bit to be so very true My attitude, I believe, has simply worked to bring great things in general into my life. This month I urge you to work harder to be kinder to not only those around you but yourself too. (you deserve it you really do) 

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
— Mark Twain

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