July 17': Patience

I'm a little late getting this mood board to you so thank you for being .... patient. Yikes honestly I apologize for that incredibly cheesy opening sentence, but really we all should be so, so thankful for the patient people in our lives. July has been a month of me learning this along with the importance of patience in a smooth running life.

In a room full of people I would shoot my hand through the ceiling if the question "Who thinks they have the worst temper in the room?" was asked, I will be the first to admit many times it gets the best of me. For most of my young adult life I have excused this temper by renaming it "passionate", "emotional" and "bold". While I still am all of those things and more that go into my occasional outbursts, I am one other thing, impatient. When I have big plans for something I want them done now, when I have a disagreement with someone I don't hesitate to voice my opinion, and I want the way they are acting to change immediately, and when I put work into something I want to see the results the next day. 

It took a bit of humbling and being brutally honest with myself to come to this realization, and let me tell you that can be hard to do when those three qualities have always been my favorites of myself. I have always clung to my pride in the fact that I am deeply passionate about things and throw myself into so many areas of life in attempts  to get the most success from them that I can. You can only imagine the frustration that comes when I put so much of myself into things and results don't come immediately. It's rough people. 

It took me 20 years to hear the words I needed to. One morning at church this month our pastor said some "Patience isn't inactivity, it is focusing on the right activities." This struck such a chord in me. I had always been more of a "good things come to those who go out and get them" than a "good things come to those who wait" type of person, and this month I have become a "good things come to those who are patient" person.

I am learning that patience is not simply



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waiting. It is self-control, trust, discipline, and softness all wrapped up in one. Yes, hard work and passion are great and necessary to make your life into everything that you want it to be, but that there will be seasons of waiting. It is in these seasons of waiting that we have to be as diligent as ever about keeping up those great habits of hard work and passion along with exercising trust in the timing of life and the authentic quality that is brought to whatever you are working on as you practice patience. 

Great things may sometimes happen in the blink of the eye (sing that to the tune of the Hannah Montana song please. Thank You.), but great things will always happen when you are patient. Not to mention, learning some patience can bring some serenity to life and anyone that shares my same high energy qualities can agree that sometimes we need that more than we would like to admit. 

Hope all of your July's have been amazing, what are some ways you exercise patience in your life?

emma osborn