August 17': Change

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Ok, one second can someone just tell me how it's already the middle of August?? 2017 is flying by, and it is completely insane. This entire year I have been preparing for my 4 month semester abroad in Italy, and it is finally here. Now I know everyone says they are going abroad because they want to "grow" and "change", but I really, truly mean it when I say that I came to Italy so ready to see new cultures and mold my life from experiencing these new things. That has always been what I thought I wanted more than anything else. Now having been here for about a month, and being truly emerged into this change, I can assure you that it is nothing like I imagined. I never though I would be the one to say this, but change is scary. Having everything you have ever known taken away and then being thrown into a whole new world is fun and exciting but also very, you guessed it, scary.  I think the part that I forgot about, and many of us do, is the things that you lose as you change. When we go through a season of change we lose things about ourselves and the way we live as we take on the new and improved qualities. This changes how people perceive us and completely flips our world upside down. Changing takes letting go of the comfortable, and no matter how bad-ass you or I try to act about it, we all must admit that to some degree the familiar is comforting and something we like. This month for me has been coming to terms with all of this. August has been a month of hard-to-swallow realizations, but also the types of realizations and discoveries that can make a place you've never been feel like home and people you just met feel like your best friend. I know I'm not the first to say this, but overall change is a good thing. The moments of panic, anxiousness, and feeling lost are a small price to pay for the spark in creativity, self-improvement and lifetime experience that change can offer. 

How have you changed this August? Tell me in the comments below!